Out to the Movies

My husband and I went out to a movie for Valentines Day this year.

Now, before you tell me that sounds like a completely ordinary date, let me just explain.

My husband and I have never been on a date to a movie before.

Weird, right? We’ve been to one movie theater since we started dating, and that was for a work function with my job.

It was not romantic.

See, my husband and I started dating in March. Of 2020. For our first date, we were planning to go mini-golfing and then out to dinner. I canceled last minute, because apparently a world-wide pandemic had started and everything was shutting down.

Bit of a rough start to a relationship.

Since we were both low-risk of spreading anything—I work from home and he is a foreman for a construction company and spends most of his time alone in his truck—we decided to take a more socially distanced approach to our dating. We met in a parking lot, I jumped in his truck, and we drove up into the mountains to talk, admire the scenery, and decide if this date was going to take us anywhere.

Spoiler alert, it did.

The next three months of dating were spent driving through the mountains, eating take-out sushi, and watching every single season of The Office beginning to end. I think we were engaged—or getting close to it—before we finally went out to an actual restaurant for dinner. For some reason, this method of dating stuck, and we spend far more time in the mountains—or in sushi restaurants—than we do at the movies or any other typical dating location.

But things are opening up now, and Murder on the Orient Express finally, finally came out in theaters.
Second spoiler alert, it was amazing.

As fun as it was to escape for an evening and enjoy our first date movie in a theater together, I am still thankful our relationship began the way it did. I’m also thankful for a man who was brave enough to trap himself in his truck for a three hour drive with a potentially very awkward date just to see if it would go anywhere.

That’s courage.

Have you been back to any movie theaters since things have opened up? What did you go see? Tell me about it in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Out to the Movies

  1. Just listened to “The Way of the Comic Book” and wanted to let you know that I’ve really been enjoying your writing for Jay! He’s one of (if not #1) my favourite current characters on AIO.

    I would imagine that most of the time going out in nature, talking, and hiking would be more fun than going to a cinema too.

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  2. I saw the latest James Bond movie. The scenes from Cuba were glorious. I recognised places I had visited. I went with a group of friends to celebrate a 50th birthday-not mine. The birthday boy was now 52. Celebration was postponed twice due to lockdown(s).

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    1. Cuba! Wow, what a cool place to visit, even if you did have to wait two years. I would love to get there one day. What was your favorite part?

      Yeah, my husband went to see that in theaters with his dad and brother. They loved it. I still haven’t gotten around to seeing it.


  3. I think it’s really sweet that you went to nature for dates. That sounds like it would give a lot more time to talk. It sounds like a great idea.

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