A Thousand Things

I want to be a thousand things,
With a hundred thousand skills.
I want to paint and write and draw,
And do the things that give me chills.

I want to be an artist,
Better than the best.
I want to sketch and speak and write,
And never, ever rest.

I want to be a teacher,
And pass on what I’ve learned.
I want a box that’s overflowing,
With all the skills that I have earned.

I want to be a thousand things,
If I only had the time.
I’d steal so many skills away,
They’d want me for a crime.

I want to be a thousand things,
Instead I’ll have to choose.
What fits me best,
What I love most,
What I can’t stand to lose.

2 thoughts on “A Thousand Things

  1. I love this ……sounds just like me. I teach and pass on the things I’ve been taught, that’s the greatest gift I have. But my head and my heart are always full of ideas……the outdoors just fuels this.
    But a beautiful piece of work ☺️

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