Food Is Weird

Three months ago, I would have considered myself a foodie. I loved food. All kinds of food. Exotic, diverse foods. Every kind of food you can imagine.

Except for fast food, obviously. If I’m going to waste the calories, I want it to be worth something.
Anyway, that was three months ago.

Now, I’m growing a tiny gremlin inside of me, and the first trimester was a little rough, to say the least. Better than it could have been, but not . . . great.

So now I have a list of foods that are not my favorite.

It goes like this.

1) Meat.
2) Eggs, except when I’m in exactly the right mood.
3) Literally everything else depending on my mood, except for cereal with milk and, weirdly enough, cheap grocery store cake icing, which I crave with all of my being but refuse to eat because WHAT??

Food is weird. Food while you’re pregnant is even weirder. I’ve given up trying to predict what is going to sound good at any given moment. Meal planning has gone out the window, because what sounds good when I meal plan will probably not sound good when I start to make dinner. So we’re back to being spontaneous.

Which means I end up in the kitchen half an hour before dinner, praying that God will give me a dinner idea that doesn’t make me gag.

This generally works, actually.

And if it doesn’t, I text my wonderful, handsome, understanding, and kind husband, and he declares a pizza night and brings me pizza.

Because food is weird.

Any weird food craving stories for me? Tell me about them in the comments!

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