New Ground

Look at this. Can you believe how beautiful it is here?

I can’t.

Colorado is getting ALL the rain this spring, and since we have a workday for our house planned tomorrow, my sister and I are tilling the garden today.

It’s a quarter of an acre.

So, so much room.

We are planting all the things—AFTER June first—and that means a LOT of ground needs to be cleared. Since both my sister and I are overachievers, we’re doubling the size of our garden this year. Last year, I was pregnant and exhausted and the year before that, my sister was. This year, we’re both fit and energetic—haha, not really—and we are ready for a serious challenge.

You know, since we both have tiny children, we’re in the middle of building our own house, I’m launching a book in the next six months, and we’re both working.

Oh, and we have goat babies due any day.

Gotta keep ourselves busy!

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