We Have Babies!


This brat pretended to be fine all day, then hid in the shelter of the rabbit hutches and had her babies all on her own.

I’m so proud of her.

They’re all doing amazingly well, mama is proud as punch and happy to have her kids around her, and I’m over the moon. Two males and a female, all gorgeous colors, all alive, and without a smidge of stress for me!

If a goat ever deserved a medal, it’s Miss Polly. She’s a complete champ.

In a bit we’ll start sorting out a milking schedule. I’m wildly unprepared, but I’ll get myself sorted, and then we’ll have goat yogurt, goat cheese, milk in the mornings, and maybe, if I can swing a cream separator, goat butter too.

I can’t wait. Spring is here!

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