Beatrix Potter

When I was growing up, my mother took us on Awesome Great Adventures to the library. She brought home laundry baskets full of books from library sales and thrift stores and cruised through garage sales for secondhand books to fill our bookshelves. I was never short of fresh reading material, and since I started reading … Continue reading Beatrix Potter


My sister moved in with me this month. We’d been planning this for a while. I’ve been living alone in my little cottage for about a year now, and she was ready for a place to live with a real kitchen and a bedroom that didn’t have to be vacated in favor of guests every … Continue reading Frankenstein


I love reading aloud. Not reading aloud like in school, while everyone is looking at you and the teacher is waiting to pounce if you have the audacity to mispronounce a hard word like ‘anxiety’ or ‘quinoa’. (Hint: neither of those words sound the way they are spelled. You have been warned.) No, I mean … Continue reading Mattimeo

The Book Thief

Time to be a little candid. We’re all readers here, right? We all love books, we all have stayed up much too late one night or another, because we only had a hundred pages left and we couldn’t just give up. And I would hazard a guess that we all have that one book. The … Continue reading The Book Thief

Anne of Green Gables

Last Sunday, I did absolutely nothing. Like, nothing at all. I lit a fire in my wood stove, made popcorn, and read the whole day. It. Was. Lovely. The book I chose was an old one, and probably familiar enough to most of you. I mean, who hasn’t read Anne of Green Gables? Besides me, … Continue reading Anne of Green Gables

Seven Years in Tibet

Let me begin by saying that I love to travel. I love the excitement of a new destination, the enchantment of a different culture, and the challenges of other languages and lifestyles. I have been to eight different countries (Not including layovers where I never left the airport), and I’ve loved each of them for … Continue reading Seven Years in Tibet

Howl’s Moving Castle

“In the land of Ingary, where such things as seven-league boots and cloaks of invisibility really exist, it is quite a misfortune to be born the eldest of three. Everyone knows you are the one who will fail first, and worst, if the three of you set out to seek your fortunes.” Really though, how … Continue reading Howl’s Moving Castle

And Then There Were None

Agatha Christie. The Mistress of Crime. One of the best selling authors of all time, second only to William Shakespeare. We know her from characters like Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. Her detective stories are chilling, intense, and morbidly interesting. And Then There Were None was more so. Considering it’s one of the top ten … Continue reading And Then There Were None

Sagas of the Icelanders

Vikings. Epic journeys. Revenge. Love. Feuds. Strange gods and beautiful (very intelligent and occasionally magical) women. What more can you ask from a book? (Did I mention the Vikings? Real Vikings. Sold.) I’ve been eyeing this book for a long time, tempted by the gorgeous cover and the mixture of history and myth, two of … Continue reading Sagas of the Icelanders

Jane Eyre

My favorite part of reading is coming across a character who lives and breathes, one who mirrors my soul and teaches me about the way I think and feel, a character who shows me myself. As an INFJ, it is not very easy to find a character like myself. More often, I find characters who … Continue reading Jane Eyre